Studios are based in Woolner and Casuarina and both offer quality dance education for dancers of all levels from 3 years to professional adults.

The talents of aspiring dancers across Darwin are nurtured through fun and engaging weekly dance lessons. The dance year is quartered into four terms and there are additional school holiday programs on offer.ย  Rix Kix is now accepting enrolments and your first class is always free. You may contact Kristy Jayne here, to find out more.

Kristy Jayne understands the need for eager local dance artists to have a safe and positive creative outlet. To have a place where they can go to learn skills in various dance styles in a fun and supportive environment. This was the reason Rix Kix Arts was founded back in 2011 and since then they have been the artistic driving force behind various N.T major and minor events. Most recently Kristy Jayne was the Dance Stage Coordinator for the 2019 Seabreeze Festival and her dancers were the core performers at the 2019 Northern Territory Arafura Games Closing Ceremony.

The studio also operates as an agency that creates professional opportunities for a select core group of experienced and established artists. This collective group design shows that are catered to the individual gig requests from the community who require quality dance performance to liven up their event. They also offer tailored wedding dances, private lessons, birthday party discos and flash mobs as part of their service.

From beginnings back in 2011, they were the back-up dancers for Jessica Mauboy at the 2011 Arafura Opening Games Ceremony. The same Rix Kix Team won the 2011 NT Team of The Year and are still in demand for performing for local major events – including the Rugby Hottest 7’s Cheerleading, the October Business Month Flashmob event, the Queens of The Galaxy Competition and for local and rural Dance workshops.

Rix Kix Arts is essentially a collaborative group who employ local choreographers and dancers around Darwin to create new projects. We also function as an entertainment agency, providing quality entertainment for major and minor events throughout Northern Territory and beyond.

Want To Join The Dance Fun?

We are now accepting new enrolments! You can enrol online by clicking the class you want to join.