Flash mobbers! Leave your flash mob ideas to us. Rix Kix has coordinated three major Flash Mobs in Darwin, including the record for the largest N.T has ever seen! We surprised unexpected patrons from October Business Month and the 2018 Laneway Series with a catered themed energetic spectacular show. If you are wanting to have a flash mob for your event then contact us!

We can create flash mobs for weddings, surprise birthdays, creative proposals, corporate events and more.

If you have your own group of flash mobbers, we can choreograph and teach a routine to your group to get ready for show time! We can also be present with you for the live show to support with preparations and technical support so the event runs smoothly. We also have PROFESSIONAL DANCERS available for hire to bring a high quality professional flash mob to your event that will entertain your guests! This way you can leave it all to us and know that it will be a hit!

Choose from our in studio or mobile workshops options:


Flash Mobbers can learn in an air conditioned dance studio space fully equipped with music, mirrors & more. In studio workshops are $150 for a 45 minute session. Book a package of 4 for the special price of $525 (Save $75)

In Studio Available Time Slots:

  • Monday Afternoons from 4:15-5pm
  • Monday Evenings from 6:45-7:30pm
  • Fridays Available Anytime
  • Saturday Afternoons from 1:30-2:15pm


This is where we come to you at a private premise or a venue supplied by you. Mobile workshops are $110 for a 45-minute session. Book a package of 4 for the special price of $400 (Save $40)


Please note all prices above exclude GST and a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. To book please just fill the form below, or send us an email advising your preferred workshop option, workshop dates and flash mob performance details including theme if applicable and we will be happy to make your flash mob a surprise crowd pleaser!

Let's Dance

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