Jo Peret

I’m Jo and I joined Rix Kix because I wanted to dare myself to get out there again even if it meant making myself vulnerable.

I’ve always loved dance. Ever since I was 4years old, I’d take any chance to bust a move in front of a camera at birthday parties – I was never trained professionally when I was young due to major back problems where I needed surgery, grew 12cm taller and even had to learn how to walk again post-surgery. But growing up as a teen that never stopped me from auditioning and joining my high school’s dance teams. I knew I had the groove and I couldn’t let it go to waste!

My favourite time of the year in school was always learning new choreography for the Sydney Catholic College Dance Competitions and The Rock Eisteddfod.

Jazz, hip hop and cultural dances were always my favourite. I’d always perform at my school’s end of year shows and even had the chance to gather up my own crew and choreograph my own routine to perform – costumes, makeup and hair – I was living for it!

One thing I regret was stopping dance after high school because, well – life! That and I have a back of a 60 year old. Although I stopped dance, I went and followed my dream of becoming a Makeup Artist. Art is something I was always into – sketching, photography, painting, dance, but makeup always stood out to me. I worked the last 14 years joining various makeup brands, working on photoshoots for fashion labels, TV Commercials, the Miss Universe Australia parties in Sydney and plenty of editorial and avant garde shoots.

Joining RIX KIX after 14 years of no dance was a massive challenge for me. Joining this AMAZING crew, knowing no one at first and learning a new style of dance was just what I needed to build my confidence back up. I joined not knowing that I was going to push myself to perform at festivals and shows, where the Seabreeze Festival 2018 was the first time in 14 years that I danced my little feet away and I LOVED IT! This led me to also join The Vintage Doll Production where I learnt the art of Burlesque and waved our magical feathers at the Darwin Fringe Festival in 2018.

Building this new found confidence, making myself feel vulnerable to prove to myself that I can do anything – I decided to take my goals another step further and make my biggest dream come true which was to open up my own Makeup & Brow Studio – SHADY INK! Yep, I’m the girl behind this new Studio and Oh, I AM IN LOVE! Here, I provide various brow services like Brow Sculpting, Henna Brows and Microblading which is a semi-permanent tattoo. I also do makeup for different occasions like birthdays, weddings and also work on photo shoots, special effects (I love gore!) and even Stage Makeup! If you don’t catch me dancing on stage, I’ll probably be backstage making up the awesome dance fam at RIX KIX!


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