Stacey Williams

The art of dance has been ingrained in me long before I knew what was going on after being enrolled in ballet and gymnastics at age three. Since then I found who I was as an artist and moved away from ballet and took a journey into the world of contemporary jazz. It was at a small studio run out of a community hall that I learnt just how much I had in me, surprising myself with how easily it was to not only dance but to perform and entertain. I essentially lived here, expanding my skills as an artist participating in as many different classes, competing in choreography competitions and experimenting with other dance styles including hip hop.

In addition to this joining high school as a twelve year old saw me being accepted into the Narangba Valley Dance Academy in which I studied the art of dance for five years.

I wanted more, I wanted to be there more and this is where I submitted an expression of interest to become an assistant class instructor within my dance studio at just 15 years of age in which I was successful in completing my training. From this moment flourished my passion to help people learn, grow and find who they wanted to be.

In my last year I once again expanded my skills but this time went a little left field when I joined my clubs cheerleading squad. I thought Jazz dance brought out the performer in me but I found that I was greeted by a whole new level of performance where I learned the skills of urgency and the necessity of team work. I learned discipline and to put your team mates before yourself, make sacrifices for the better of the team. Instead of learning upwards of 10 dances a year, I learnt one but put all my effort into it and that’s where I truly learned the meaning of leadership, that’s where I gained the most confidence in myself and as a performing artist.

Today, since moving interstate for work, my passion for the arts has not faded perhaps it’s even increased. I have found myself performing at the Arafura Games in May with the wonderful group of artists – Rix Kix Arts. With all my newfound skills and learnings I am returning back to my beginning, learning contemporary, funky performing art applying everything I’ve learnt to date and challenging myself to find myself new challenges, new learnings and most importantly rediscovering the artist that’s always been within me


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