Synta Routh

Hey there! My name is Synta!

I am a self-taught freestyler/choreographer and videographer. When I was 13 I completely idolized Lady Gaga and her dance captain, Asiel Hardison. Every time a new performance or music video got uploaded on YouTube I was always captivated by Asiel’s passion and drive when he danced. I eventually started to learn all of Gaga’s choreographies off the screen and that was the start of it all. I moved onto the hip hop/animation style of dance and completely fell in love with it. I used to dance in my bedroom every day after school, dance lessons didn’t even come into consideration. All I needed was my bedroom mirror.

As I progressed within dance I struggled to visually show it. Watching the dance videos that were produced in LA inspired me and I knew that it was also a path I could follow.

By constantly learning and watching videos from the internet I was able to gain enough knowledge to be able to create and edit videos that were what I originally strived for. Being able to capture dance and edit it to enhance the movements is something that I will always be in wonder of.

In 2017 I moved to Darwin and reached out to Rix Kix Arts. The response I received back was so welcoming and friendly that I knew I found an amazing dance community. In the 2+ years I’ve been here I have taught original choreographies as well captured and edited videos with/for Rix Kix Arts. Proud to add that I’m also on the Rix Kix Arts Staff team.

Dance and the ability to express yourself as well as synchronize with any kind of music is beyond special. Through dance, I have been able to achieve things I wouldn’t think possible.



  • JJC State Finals – 2012
  • Opened up for JC, Liam Ferrari, Fourtunate – 2012 – 2014
  • MGT Finals – 2013 – 2015
  • Collaboration with headspace – 2016
  • ABC Profile (Chris Brown Repost) – 2016
  • Everybody dance now (Darwin Festival) – 2017
  • Congress (Darwin Festival) – 2018
  • Blank Canvas – 2018


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