Bethan McElwee

Professional Dancer / Rix Kix Teacher

Beautiful Soloist Bethan McElwee has been a Rix Kix Star for over 6 years and is one of our valued Teaching Staff members! Bethan has loved dancing since the age of four. She studied at London Studio Centre graduating with a Batchelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre Dance. Bethan performed for a decade as a …

Synta Routh

Rix Kix Guest Choreographer and Videographer / Professional Dancer

One fierce multi talent! Synta became obsessed with dance after watching Lady Gaga on Youtube and became a self taught choreographer & dancer. She has opened for Justice Crew, earned an ABC video profile, won People’s Choice for Mackay’s Got Talent and has been recognised by …

Hannah McVinish

Professional Dancer

Hannah McVinish was born and raised in Far North Queensland, where she danced throughout primary and high school. She re-discovered her love for dance this year after moving to the Top End and joining the team at Rix Kix Arts! She played a lead role in the original dance production The [BLANK] Canvas performed at the Darwin …

Darren Edwards

Professional Dancer

Darren Edwards started his dance journey in 2006 with Gary Lang’s NT company performing ‘The Dream, ‘Goose Lagoon,’ ‘Mukoi’ & the 2018 Gary Lang & Western Australian Ballet collaboration ‘Milky Way.’ Darren has been involved in various dance workshops across the N.T. He now also has his hand in acting, starring in plays …

Anokai Susi

Professional Dancer

Anokai Susi began her movement adventure with martial arts and studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Melbourne, majoring in contemporary dance. Anokai has been an independent performer and choreographer in a variety of shows with Tracks for the last five years.

Jacqui La Croix

Professional Dancer

Jacqui La Croix fell in love with dance and movement from a young age of 8 years old and has not stopped since. Training in a Victorian performing arts program throughout primary school and high school exposed Jacqui to a number of choreographers, styles of dance and especially the art of performance.

Kathleen Rayner

Professional Dancer

Originally from England, Kathleen Rayner moved to Ireland, Galway when she was 12 with her Family. Throughout her childhood, Kathleen spent her days in a Performing Arts school and dance classes. Kathleen got her first professional paid role on TV when she was 18 and played the role as Sarah Bradley in ‘Jack Taylor’ and filmed …

Allyson Malpartida

Professional Dancer

I’m a Darwin-based independent dancer who has a passion for performing! My dance roots began in jazz and hip hop, and have expanded to include contemporary dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, lyrical and latin dancing. My varied skill set has allowed me to work with a wide range of prominent companies …

Jamie-Lee Dow

Professional Dancer

Hey there, my name is Jamie-lee! I’ve been participating in Rix Kix adult dance lessons for over a year now and I can gladly say it is one of the most amazing experiences. To be a part of a dance family/community that is so inclusive and passionate is something I will not find anywhere else. I started dancing when I was 5 years old.

Jo Peret

Professional Dancer

I’m Jo and I joined Rix Kix because I wanted to dare myself to get out there again even if it meant making myself vulnerable. I’ve always loved dance. Ever since I was 4years old, I’d take any chance to bust a move in front of a camera at birthday parties – I was never trained professionally when I was young due to major …

Nakisha Wrenn

Professional Dancer

Coming from a background of Gymnastics and Calistenics I’ve always had a love for dance. I love that through dancing you are able to pursue expression and beauty through movement and imagination. Whilst the physical movement of dance helps reduce stress, dancing with others also helps me feel more connected …

Maria Panatos

Upcoming Dancer

Hello, I’m Maria, I’m 16 going 17 on the 27th of December and my passion is DANCE. I have been dancing since the age of 12 with Kristy from RIX KIX ARTS. I’m born bred in Darwin, and currently in year 11 at Casuarina Senior Collage. I have been lucky enough to get chosen to complete a Certificate II in Business (VET course)

Leilana Stone

Upcoming Dancer

My name is Leilana (16 years old) and I am a dancer at Rix Kix Arts Dance. I have been a dancer since 2016. I can do a wide range of styles but my favourites are contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. My favourite pass time is learning choreography online, especially Kpop ones. I have competed in groups and in solos for …

Tahnee Afuhaamango

Special Mention

Tahnee, who is 36 years and has Down Syndrome, spent 11 years as an elite athlete in swimming representing Australia at four Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation World Swimming Championships competing against 25 countries. She broke 27 World Records and until her retirement from International

Stacey Williams

Upcoming Dancer

The art of dance has been ingrained in me long before I knew what was going on after being enrolled in ballet and gymnastics at age three. Since then I found who I was as an artist and moved away from ballet and took a journey into the world of contemporary jazz. It was at a small studio run out of a community …

Kara Jean

Upcoming Dancer

This Darwin proud dancer started dancing at 12 at corrugated ion in Nightcliff. She moved on to Jazz academy where she picked up jazz, ballet and tap. She dabbled in hip hop later in high school before semi retiring and hitting the boxing, CrossFit fitness scene. 7 years later she never forgot a tap routine while waiting …

Lily Tiffen

Upcoming Dancer

My love of dance started ever since I could walk. Dancing has always been in my life and is what I most love to do. I have been involved with many dance studios, The styles of dance I’ve done are contemporary, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and ballet. Dance for me Is about expression with movement. When I was little my dream …

Eliza Rynne

Professional Dancer

Miss Liza has been dancing for 2 decades, and during this time has completed Royal Academy of Dance examinations from Primary to Advanced Foundation; competed in eisteddfods and state dancing competitions; attended Queensland Ballet Master classes; has performed professionally for the …

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